Our Machine Learning/AI Toolkit will reduce your digital costs by 20% and your churn rate by 10%

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About us

Selected by JP Morgan and Endeavor as a high potential Startup.

We are putting Machine Learning and AI in every marketer's and CEOs' hand. Data Gran is a digital marketing toolkit developed to provide top-of-the-line marketing strategies as well as reduce digital advertising costs across multiple channels.

Thanks to our Machine Learning/ AI Toolkit, Data Gran is reducing our clients' cost per click by 20% and customer churn rate by 10%.

Using our product is like having a team of data scientists, a media stretegist, and an exceptionally smart robot working for you 24/7.


Our products



AdOptimizer allows you to allocate your cross-channel budget efficiently across search, display and social advertising channels, while continuously identifying the most effective target audiences and relevant campaign messages.

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With Big Data Analysis, get more value from your information and accelerate your ROI. All you need to do is upload your database, select your industry, and we will help you discover previously unknown trends in your data to improve customer interactions and campaign performance.

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Meet "The Eye"


Our Machine
Learning & AI expert

Harnessing the power of AI, we built a truly autonomous machine from the ground up that requires no human handling. We simply called it “The Eye”.

The Eye removes the complexities of modern marketing by performing many of the time-consuming, manual tasks which humans are unable to perform at the pace and volume required to stay ahead of the pack. The Eye is continuously analyzing, learning and optimizing to meet your objectives and improve the work you do every day.

the eye

What our clients say

Nestor Huerta Rappi Data Leader

"I really like the value proposition of your company. I beleive that without a doubt it is a good solution for companies, so congratulations"

Juliana Patiño Subway Marketing Manager

"We did a pilot program with Data Gran for one month and the results were incredible."

Gerardo Méndez Founder Ormigga

"I have an early startup and once I launched the product we started using Data Gran. I am obsessed with numbers given my marketing research background, so I can confidently say that Data Gran works. I got an enormous amount of web traffic for my digital investment. My overall traffic went up 150% with Data Gran vs the traffic increase we on our own"

Melissa Solano Founder Eurecah

"Like many entrepreneurs, we started using Facebook Ads to boost sales. After a couple of months, we had to stop (investing in Facebook ads) because the CPC was not sustainable for our business. We were spending much more than our budget could allow. DataGran optimized our CPC by 800% helping our ecommerce business reach far more people and freeing up more time for us to focus on other things."

Our clients



quake capital
quake capital


  • Saves 20% on Digital Advertising Costs.
  • Increase and Accelerate Revenue.
  • Decreases Churn by 10%.
  • Saves Time and Hassle
  • 100% Fully Transparent



Just 13% of your digital campaign budget. That’s it.
No hidden fees.


Starting at $500 a month. Cancel at any time.
No questions asked


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